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Let us Custom-Design a buffet for you!

  • Soup and Salad $11 per person
  • --Add Turkey $3 pp
  • Half Sandwich or Wrap + Soup or Salad $13 pp
  • Deluxe Buffet -- Soup, Salad, Sandwich or Wrap, Dessert $17 pp
Sandwich, Wrap, Soup and Salad Buffets  
All of our Sandwiches and Salads can be done as Box Lunches or Buffet style.  All lunches include our massive Brownie dessert and sandwiches include choice of side deli salad or chips. 

Traditional Roast Turkey
Turkey BLT
Cranberry Almond Turkey Salad
Smoked Turkey Habanero Cream Cheese

Traditional Roast Turkey
Turkey BLT
Turkey Bacon Ranch
Cranberry Almond Turkey Salad
Smoked Turkey Habanero Cream Cheese
​Turkey Caesar

Available supplements:  Creamy Havarti Cheese,
Smoky Turkey Bacon, Fresh Avocado

​Entree Salads
Classic Turkey Caesar
Classic Cobb
Woodinville Wine Country

Dressing choices include Our House Balsamic Vinaigrette,
Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Signature Habanero Ranch

Classic Turkey Noodle
Creamy Tomato Bisque
Kickass Chili
Hearty Turkey Corn Chowder

​Add a Salad Course:
Starter Salads
Classic Simple Caesar
Mixed Green Salad
Mini Wine Country Starter
Gorgonzola Cheese, Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Grape Tomatoes,
​Red Onion on Spring Mix with House Balsamic Vinaigrette

​Upgrade your dessert:
Intense Incredible Dark Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Fudge Icing
Sherry Egg Nog Bundt Cake
Intense Yellow Cake with Holiday Spice Egg Nog essence and Sherry with White Sherry Glaze
Almost completely non-alcoholic but trace amounts may remain.

Items subject to availability and to change without notice. 
We are always happy to accommodate special dietary requests.  Please inform us of any allergies or other dietary issues or needs you or your guests may have.  All prices are for food only and do not include tax, 18% gratuity, consumables and packaging costs for items including but not limited to wire frame chafers and disposable foil pans for hot items, and delivery charges for areas outside 98072.   $1000 minimum order for all Catering Deliveries.  Attended service and upgraded service items are available at extra charge -- please ask for current pricing. 

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